Welcome, Earth Citizen, To Chuckman Comics!

Chuckman, a superhero, standing proudly Greetings Earth citizen. Chuckman (who often refers to himself in the third person) wishes to thank you for your visit to his personal retreat. May you find strength in his deeds so that you too can fight evil.

Chuckman hopes that your visit will be long and productive. Feel free to browse (see Chuckman's navigation above) his first issue, most recent issue, all issues, hero profiles, or villain profiles.

Up, up, upChuck and away!

What is your favorite issue?

  • Issue One, it was the most campy.
  • Issue Two, two Chucks are better than one!
  • Issue Three, I like the holidays.
  • Issue Four, the special effects were awesome!
  • Issue Five, time for a new superhero!
  • Issue Six, carrots rule!

Chuckman News / Coming Soon:

  • Chuckman - An Orange Uprising: Chuckman vs. something about orange. Knock, knock. Who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad you know Chuckman?
  • Closet Man - A New Superhero: Closet Man is new superhero on Chuckman's site. His name is legendary, his powers are indescribable, his presence is made known in this issue: Closet Man - A New Superhero (In Town).
  • Chuckman Coloring Book: Chuckman is letting you color it your way. Chuckman now has coloring book pages that you can print. Just go to one of Chuckman's coloring book pages and click on the image. It should automatically launch a print page. Warning - must have javascript enabled and not be blocking popup pages.
  • Chuckman Vs. Lightning Guy Has Been Released: See how Chuckman faces a new villain in Chuckman Vs Lightning Guy: Chuckman Vs Lightning Guy - Issue Four
  • Chuckman Vs. Lightning Guy: Chuckman will be faced with personal loss, a new villain - Lightning Guy, time travel, and many many more distractions. Oh look a birdie!
  • Chuckman Has His Own Site: Chuckman scraped together the thousands of dollars required to obtain his own website address: Chuckmansuperhero.com. Yay Chuckman!
  • Doctor Chocklitz M.D. (Majikly Delishus): Dr. Chocklitz? Twenty-five feet tall? What's with the skin discoloration? How can Chuckman possibly confront such a villain? These questions and many more to be answered soon.
  • Chuckman's Christmas Issue: Coming soon to an internet near you!
  • S.P.E.G. Is Now Accepting Applications: S.P.E.G., Super Powered Entities of Good, announces its creation and is now accepting applications. Have a penchant for doing good? Want to battle and defeat evil? Join S.P.E.G. today!
  • F.O.E. Is Now Accepting Applications: F.O.E., Family Of Evil, announces its creation and is now accepting applications. Have a penchant for destroying good? Want to battle and defeat Chuckman? Join F.O.E. today!