• Lindsay said: Chuck is hot! Visually stunning!! He's a superhero for the people; we underdogs. He's all about safety too! I totally 4give him for his math inequities, but would like to calculate how to meet him in person! ;)
  • Editor said: Chuckman is flattered and says the next time you're in town, give him a call.   =)

  • Vanessa said: I think I am falling in love with mathman. Heart
  • Editor said: Garsh!

  • Dana said: I was cheering for Math man all along.
  • Editor said: Villains need fans, too!

  • Suebert said: The producers of Chuckman have once again outdone themselves. In this latest episode, one has no choice but to become drawn into the psyche of Chuckman. This strip tackles the sensitive issue of multiple personality disorder in a manner that is raw and frightening at times, yet handled with kindness and compassion. The casting was wonderful, special effects spectacular and the setting beautiful. I give it 5 stars. StarStarStarStarStar
  • Editor said: Wow! Do we owe you money? =)

  • Emilia said: Yo se la respuesta, jajajaja, el numero uno, y me parece que conosco a ese maestro jajajajaj

    Muy cierto, el mal se enderezo con mas violencia, aunque muchas vienes escritas en papel y tinta. me gusta esta creacion, pienso que chuckman volara muy alto. y llegara donde tiene que llegar.

    jajajjaja. ahora quien ayudara al gran chuckman .... lo sabremos en el proximo capitulo, felicitacines, muy buen trabajo.
  • Editor said: Otra vez, gracias.

  • Emilia said: Me gusto esta creacion, tiene mucha naturalidad, buen trabajo, os felicito, tendras mucho exito, tienes mucho ingenio felicitaciones.
  • Editor said: Gracias. Muy amable.

  • MegStar said: This is AWESOME
  • Editor said: It's all those years of mind numbing labor (at you know where) that did this to me. Just teasing.

  • breakthruracing said: I don't know what scares me more, that you even devoted the amount of time you did to this, or that I did, going through the whole thing ... frame by frame ... :/

    Time, you realize, neither of us will ever retrieve, right, bud????


    You crack me up, Robert. You worry me, but you crack me up!
  • Editor said: Time well lost. Thanks. =)

  • Suebert said: I laughed. I cried. This is the "must see" live action comic of the year. With an all star cast and stunning special effects, this production will leave you feeling hopeful for the state of the future.
  • Editor said: That's right! We rule!